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Esteban Valdés Arzate

Poet (Mexico)
Esteban Valdés Arzate was born in Mexico City in 1947. He was raised in México, New York and actually lives in Puerto Rico. He studied sciences and history at the University of Puerto Rico from where he holds a Masters Degree. In the 70 ‘s he founded the magazine poster Alicia la Roja (Red Alice). In 1977 he published Fuera de Trabajo, Puerto Rico ‘s first concrete poetry book. In the 80 ‘s he worked with La Mueca. A Cladnestine satirycal newspaper and with the Editorial La Iguana Dorada, organized the National Encounter of Poets, and so in the 90 ‘s. He has participated in multiple exhibitions at galeries and museums. An anarcosindicalist, in 1984 he founded the Labor Department Brotherhood (HEDET) as the organization secretary and later President. He became the principal delagate to the General Union of Workers, Puerto Rico ‘s strongest. He has participated as of recent of Venice Biennal and has a current exhibition at México s Sala de Arte Público Siquieros.