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Silvana Berki

Poet (Albania/ Finland)
Silvana ( Begotaraj) Berki, Albanian-Finnish citizen, social worker in Tampere City, Finland, Albanian-Finnish-English interpreter, the author of two poetic books, the secretary of International Galactic Poetry ATUNIS- world writers organization, and free-lance reporter in Tampere magazine.

Themes she touches in her poetic writings are an expression of dynamism in national dimension but also universal, where mostly she uses patriotism lyrics, epical and new day’s poetry of reality and social problems around the world.

She is a mother of two young children age 24 and 20, one student at Tampere University and the other in the last year of secondary school.

Silvana is a devoted poet, writing for passion and art, that is why she never make compromise with her own opinion when it is in case social reality. She sees this way her mission.