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Etnairis Ribera

Poet (Puerto Rico)
Etnairis Ribera was born and lives by the sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A member of the Puerto Rican Poetic Generation of the 70’s, she is one of the most distinguished contemporary writers of her country. Her poetry has won awards, including the Great Award of Literature for Lifetime Excellence given by the P.E.N. Club of Puerto Rico in 2008. Her work has been translated into English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Arabic and has been published in bilingual books, international anthologies and reviews. She participates in International Book Fairs and International Poetry Festivals: Medellín, Colombia; Granada, Nicaragua, La Habana, Cuba; Dominican Republic; San José, Costa Rica; Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, among others. Guest writer at Pablo Neruda’s Museum House at Valparaíso, Chile, on the Poet’s Centennial Celebration, 2004, she has presented her poetry in cities across Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United States. Etnairis Ribera is a Fulll Professor of Hispanic Literature at the University of Puerto Rico, a Translator into English and a Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Spanish is her native language and she knows other four languages. Her great interest in the World’s Natural Beauty, Art and History, makes her a traveller through the West and the East. She has published fourteen books, among them: A(MAR)ES, Ariadne of the Water, The Birds of the Goddess, Return to the Sea, Memories of a Poem and its Apple, The Journey of Kisses, Among Cities and Almost Paradises, The Day of the Pollen, Song of Mother Earth.