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Ioana Trica

Poet (Romania)

Ioana Trică, was born in Grindu, Romania. She graduated the University of Bucharest, Romanian and French languages. Poet and translator, she has been publishing since 1999 in magazines and in volumes, original poems and translations from French and Rhaeto-Romansh (a latin idiom spoken in Switzerland, rare language today, with only a few tens of thousands of speakers ). She makes the Rhaeto-Romansh literature and culture, whose language is protected by UNESCO, known. Present in journals and anthologies in the country and in France, Canada, Argentina, Spain. She has published several volumes of poetry and translations: Someone else, Museum of Romanian Literature Publishing House, 2005, Suspended continents, Delian Publishing House, 2008, El Tiempo con rostro extraňo (Weather with strange face), Obsidian Press Publishing House, 2008, USA, the Spanish version François Szabo; Sleep crusades, Eikon Publishing House, 2011, An island in the North, 2013, etc. Naji Naaman Award in 2009 for the manuscript Lonely men / Des Hommes seuls. She has been a member of the PEN French Club since 2008. Her poems are translated in Spanish, French, Catalan and Albanian.