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Andrea Garbin

Poet (Mantova, Italy)

"Andrea Garbin lives and works in the province of Mantova (Italy). He has published the poetry Il senso
della musa; Lattice; Viaggio di un guerriero senz’arme; Croce del sud; some short-stories in
some anthologies; and he write for the theatre. He directs the literary meetings at the Coffee bar Galeter in Montichiari (BS) with many local poets and artists. He also collaborates with Beppe Costa and “Casa della poesia (House of Poetry)” in Baronissi, especially with Jack Hirschman and Paul Polansky. In Rome he meets with Fernando Arrabal, for whom he translated into the dialect of Mantova, the poems "Ma fellatrice idolâtrée" and "Clitoris". On June 19, 2010 he gave birth to the Manifesto Letterario dal Sottosuolo (Manifesto from the Literary Underground” signed by a dozen authors. For the theater, he collaborated with the Living Theatre and the Odin Teatret and he has founded the "Teatro Scariolante".